Mobile Phone Signal Amplifier



These Boosters are not only used for mobile phones but also boost the reception on two-way radios, walkie talkies, beepers, and even cordless phones in your house. 

ImprovedGeneration X PlusRevised Edition Cell Phone Antenna Boosters 

Our new generation X Plus Revised Edition Cell Phone Signal Amplifiers are better than ever! The signal amplifier is now stronger and comes in shiny gold color. It also comes with instructions on how to install.

  • Huge impact - like having a 4-foot antenna on your cell phone. 
  • Improves reception, reduces static in boats, elevators, cars, buildings, tunnels, and mountains. 
  • Works on any analog, digital, and tri-band phones. 
  • Eliminate dropped calls. 
  • Easy to install, simply peel and stick to the inside of your battery compartment. 
  • Each amplifier is individually packaged ready to be given as a gift or for resale! 

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 10 pcs Cell Phone Signal Amplifiers