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If you or someone you know is a lover of the sweet treat from our friends, the bees, you NEED this adorable little honey pot. Honey is known as a super food, rich in antioxidants and healing nutrients. You don't want to waste a single drop! Our honey jar with dropper allows you to enjoy every single bit of golden goodness. Drop honey into tea, hot water, or over food in a convenient, mess-free way. Our honey jar dropper is so easy to sue even kids can do it.

Our honey dropper jar is crafted like an actual honey comb. It's simply breathtaking and looks great sitting on your kitchen table, breakfast nook, or counter. It is made from food-grade acrylic and non-toxic UV vacuum plating. Our dispenser is durable and made to last.

The set includes three parts: lid, honey jar, and a stand. All are very easy to wash.


  • NO-DRIP GLASS HONEY DISPENSER - Are you tired of messy honey drips and drizzles? They're not only messy, but wasteful, too! Our press and release design stops honey drops in their sweet little tracks. Our jar and dropper are very easy to use and keep clean.
  • FULL GLASS HONEY JAR - Our cute little honey jar is shaped like a whimsical honeycomb. We think Winnie the Pooh would be impressed! The material is lightweight but very durable. You can fill the jar with honey or other thick liquids like syrup. Twist on the cap, push the centerpiece, and watch the honey flow out of the bottom. When you let go, the honey stops. Amazing! The system is gravity-lead so it's always ready to be used.
  • HONEY JAR KEEPS HONEY FRESH - Our honey jar comes with an innovative bottom stopper. This keeps the pot airtight. Your honey will always be fresh and delicious and won't get clumpy.
  • PERFECT HONEY POT - Holds 1 cup (8 Ounces) of honey, syrup, or any liquid you want! Make sure the liquids you fill the jar with aren't excessively thick, for best results.


  • Material: Acrylic + ABS
  • Color: Transparent + Silver
  • Size: Approx.14.3 x 8 x 8 cm
  • Capacity: 200ml