500 PCS Luminous Stones

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Enjoy these 500 PCS Luminous Stones in your garden, on the sidewalk, and anywhere you want there to be beautiful neon light.

These stones are perfect as decoration in any setting.

They are very easy to display and they look great!

Right now, they're on sale!


  • Material : Resin + Photoluminescent Pigment
  • Size: about 0.8" - 1.2" per piece
  • Weight: 230g


  1. Please expose the pebbles to the sun or light. the more exposure to light during the day the brighter they shine at night!

  2. The pebbles send soft glowing and will be hard to notice in bright environments. Please place in a dark area.

  3. Recommended for large areas.

Package includes:

  • 500 x Luminous Stones